This year’s thematic evening programme of Dichters in the Prinsentuin, that carried the title “May you live in interesting times”, had an international line up and could therefore also be enjoyed by our non-Dutch speaking visitors. With this online extra festival publication, we offer you the possibility to read the poems again or enjoy them for the first time, should you have missed the performances of the festival’s opening night.

Our guest editor, David Ashford – a poet and publisher himself, and currently lecturer at the University of Groningen – refers to the past ten years as the Golden Age of poetry in Great-Britain. Together with festival programmers Jirke Poetijn and Maarten Praamstra, Ashford invited poets who live and work in either The Netherlands, Belgium or England to offer us both a taste of their poetry and their take on social issues, which – Brexit or not – are relevant today on both sides of the North Sea: climate change, animal welfare, emancipation and immigration. Their poems have been translated especially for our festival, some of which were already published in the festival magazine. In this online extra, you’ll find the complete set of poems and translations, with a brief informative biography of every poet: Simone Atangana Bekono, Tsead Bruinja, Radna Fabias, Dominique De Groen, Julia Rose Lewis, Verity Spott, Michael Tedja and Juha Virtanen.

Juha Virtanen and Dominique De Groen. Photo: Reyer Boxem