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Het Grote Gebeuren: next edition on the 12th of februari 2022

Het Grote Gebeuren (which literally translates to The Big Happening) is the best festival for readers and writers in Groningen. It is organised every year by NOORDWOORD, in cooperation with Forum Groningen. 

No ticket-information voor 2022 available yet.

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Het Grote Gebeuren is a festival organised by NOORDWOORD and Forum Groningen. 
The programme of Het Grote Gebeuren is in the hands of a committee. This committee consists of Rudi Kamminga (coordinator), Rense Sinkgraven, Melanie Schaalma, Isolde van Meerwijk, Maarten Praamstra, Correen Dekker and Daphne de Bruijn.

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Het Grote Gebeuren is supported by the Dutch Literary Foundation, the Province and Municipality of Groningen and many volunteers, sponsors and subsidizers.