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Dichters in de Prinsentuin (which literally translates to ‘Poets in the Prinsentuin’)  is the largest open air poetry festival in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, where Dutch poetry in all its shapes and sizes can be found. The festival is a breeding ground for writing talent of all ages – it provides an important podium for experimental poetry performances and cross overs with other art forms, as well as a wide open window to renowned poets from abroad, together with their Dutch translators.

All this can be found on a summer weekend in the Prinsentuin, the idyllic garden in the heart of Groningen.

Over the past twenty years, Dichters in de Prinsentuin has quickly become and remained a household name amongst poets, poetry lovers as well as the many curious visitors that happened to pass by and let poetry into their hearts. The 22nd edition in 2019 had more than 2500 visitors.

In 2020, the festival could not take place in its usual form due to the coronavirus pandemic. Instead, the festival that year was held in the form of several different events: poetry was displayed all over the city for a week, we had a Festival By Bike where you could go on bicycle routes and hear poetry at specific points on the map, and a special magazine by De Groene Amsterdammer. For dessert, you could (and still can!) order a Festival In A Box. With this box full of poetry and poetry goodies, you can have your own private festival at home! Order it here.