A cozy evening with tasty pastry, beers and poetry. Enjoy the coming of the winter with Stukafest, cake, Martinus beer tasting and talented artists that paint a picture so vivid with their poetry, you just might feel like you’re somewhere sunny in the Caribbean.

Free entrance, all profit from the bake sale goes to making Stukafest 2020 possible!

Bake sale start at 20:00

Artists’ line up starts at 20.30:
Michiel Teeuw
Barbara van Brug
Richard Nobbe
Sanjay Ghosh
Olivier van Eijk

See you there!

Stukasession: poëzie en taart voor een goed doel

Geplaatst: za, 9 november 2019
Brouwerij Martinus
Kostersgang 32-34, Groningen

do, 28 november 2019, 20.00 t/m 23.00